There are visible and invisible aspects to parasites and germs.

Sometimes these organisms are even in pieces, grating and swimming about undigested in the soil, floating aimlessly in the air, flesh and eyes like bat wings.

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Great wealth that ill treatment, greed and ignorance has brought about the creation of so many kinds of parasites. Many responsible government officials and medical doctors are beginning to alert the world about the expenditure of huge money to create synthetic drugs. It is easy to make a remedy that works the same way as the real one… But amply remembering that you have only one real natural remedy should not be an after thought.

Your endocrine glands, especially those functioning under the external senses of smell and taste, are extremely vulnerable to imbalance.

Balancing your endocrine glands will result in balancing your metabolism, so symptoms of an erratic metabolism will diminish and you will not only feel much more energetic and healthier, but you will have more disposable income to buy those foods which work with your system.

Maintaining a balanced endocrine glandular system will pay rich dividends for you in your financial and non-monetary life.

Your digestive organs are most delicate and easily upset by improper treatment.

Improperly treated digestive organs are more than likely ‘dis mashed’ and not very pleasant.

Sufferers of intestinal problems will suffer from flesh eating, gas, belching, re-absorption problems and often nauseousness, especially when traveling.

The selfish,ulkiness, apathy, inability to concentrate, lethargy, decreased energy levels and cold intolerant are all warning signs before a breakdown in the harmony of the body or the breakdown of a vital system.

You can multiply their effects by adding fuel to the fire.

This fire can be sustained by a carefully selected diet of whole natural foods which form a solid foundation for a health mind and body.

Fruits and Vegetables should make up about a third of your daily diet. To get the beneficial nutrients of the fruits and vegetables dig in.

Nuts, Seeds and Legumes should be consumed in moderation. They are high in carbohydrates and unsaturated fats. Eat only a handful or at most a couple of nuts daily. The fiber in the nuts and seeds is an important element in the diet, but its benefits are mainly in preventing re-absorption of the phosphorous and other minerals in the body.

Proteins, such as meat, fish, poultry, eggs and cheese should be consumed moderately. They are the building blocks of the body and a constant need.

Follow the best instructions for your lifestyle which may be: to sleep six hours and exercise four or five times per week.

Stress is responsible for the nocturnal secretion of many hormones, including melatonin, and is believed to have a direct influence on the sleep cycle. It is vital to avoid stress in your life by averting sources of it. Try to eliminate anxiety as much as possible from your life. Remember that thoughts are much like a fire and it needs fuel. Good thoughts lead to productive behavior.

Relax your mind. For some people, the act of reading or watching TV stimulates their yielding back into themselves, which is an affirmation of their inner contentment.

Reduce your level of stress and anxiety. Try to make sure that you have adequate sleep and do not let it become too late in the day. By taking solace in something positive, you can relax into a contentment and joyful way of living until the stress is gone.

When anxiety strikes, take a few deep breaths. If you are watching a television program, read the material for a few minutes. When anxiety sets in, do whatever is needed to remove yourself from the situation. Read anything you can for a few minutes. Feel love and not guilt. Then gently remind yourself that all is well and you may continue to enjoy pleasure without worry.

Anxiety is a serious health problem. Work with your body to find the root cause. Try to look at the situation from a neutral point of view. Taking a third-person perspective, you will be able to get a clearer picture of what is happening. Then you can go home and make a plan to deal with the new situation.

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