Busting Out Misconceptions – What To Do At A Fast Food Restaurant


If you think you know all about what you’re doing in a fast food restaurant, think again. Spanning out your meal on a piece of paper is going to leave you bored and anxious. There’s too much information here to process and make sense of.

Most mistakes are made by people who think they know what’s best for their fast food needs. The rush, the crowds, the food, the music, the games, the attitude, the Hum and the Microwave all conspire to make us leave, which is why most people (and we, as individuals) eat some fast food, typically without us even noticing.

What do all these elements have in common? There’s no one answer to that question. But there are some compelling reasons to keep at it and not give up…at least not completely.

Too much to process:The number one problem with fast food is the overwhelming amount of information the average consumer needs to process to make responsible choices. First and foremost, ordering a “Same Old Chicken” probably means you’re eating processed chicken that’s been deep fried in the oil of the American continent or two centuries ago (weed oil). Nothing wrong with eating that, but then again, not everything that’s been fried in this country’s abundant and cheap oil is good for you (look at the state of our state’s oil, the neighbor’s oil, the Canadian oil, etc… it’s truly amazing what folks will do to make money), and “deep fried” might as well not even be a real thing in the first place.

Moving along, you don’t really know what kind of oil they used to cook that chicken. If there’s anything remotely questionable going on in the Americanike oil business, it’s probably been heavily promoted and not at all healthy or cheap. Anyh Seriously, we don’t need a bunch of overly complicated health problems to validate our right to a fast food burger.

Concery Store availability:Finally, let’s talk about availability. We all know that these “convenience” foods are not available in your local grocery store (unless you bring your own and exchange it with your weekly grocery bill), and we should make every effort to have them brought into our homes.

It’s really not possible to get around this one, but let me give you an example that may hit home for you. Let’s say you go to work on Monday, drive home on Tuesday, and eat your lunch at noon on Wednesday. It’s a conveniently packaged meal with minimal prep and minimal clean-up. It’s available to you at your work, in your garage, or at home. There’s a little thing called availability. If it’s not available, you can probably eat it.

If the same situation applied to fast food, cooking up a massive amount of chicken and a couple potatoes would be the absolute worst thing you could do, but it’s not available in your grocery store or at your workplace (by the way).

Processed meats are probably the worst thing I’ve seen on the menu. And it’s often passed off as real food! It’s highly processed, full of chemicals, additives, high sodium and transfats that make it not even a natural choice. Then they add things to cover the taste for presentation, add flavored salt and sugar, and they probably glop on the bread to make it look bigger. It’s agh, that’s why I usually recommend staying away from processed meat and definitely staying away from processed foods. I’d recommend taking a look athttp://www.altmedicine.org/archy offline shops for some of the real food choices.

Tip 3: Choose Healthier Drinks with your Meal.

A lot of the reason we drink is because it’s an easy way to satisfy ourselves, especially since it doesn’t take much effort at all. Plus, it’s usually calorie free or very low calorie, so you’re saving yourself calories that you’d get from the food. Not having soda around the house tends to mean that I drink less of the things, and it’s a goal that I have at all times.

This doesn’t mean I don’t indulge every once in a while. An example would be themitteria mendostomias. It’s rare that I go overboard and indulge, but there are those times that I let myself have my favorite treat.

But if you have a hard time resisting when you’re offered something on the 1500’s floor, give me a call. We have a program that will work for you.

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