Delicious Foods And Cuisines In ‘Melaka’ (or ‘Malacca’) In Malaysia

bunch of sliced citric fruits

I am a native here. ‘Malacca’ has many good foods. Tourists, especially, benefit greatly from this fact. But first thing, you have to find out the facts, before finding those foods.

Food here in Malaysia can be considered cheap. Hawker stalls that are set up provide tasty and very much affordable lunch and dinner servings. For example, the chicken rice and ‘nasi lemak’ and great ‘Chinese’ foods. Starting at ‘RM2.50’ or ‘RM3.00’, one can experience delight. At night, there is no ‘curfew’. Why is that, you ask? Despite this, ‘Malacca’ remains a peaceful place. The great thing is, you can grab the ‘roti canai’ and its mouth-watering varieties at ‘mamaks’.

There is another new trend that I want to share with you. This is in fact a traditional Chinese cooking. It is called ‘Cooking Rice’. The main ingredient is rice, and the cooking process is done in a wok. But it is very different from the normal cooking rice, which is usually just boiled or steamed. What you will get here is the lovely glazed and steamed rice ball, which is a meal in itself.

The ‘mamak’ is another source of great food. You can order these dishes in a ‘minutes’ notice. Even if you are in a hurry, you can still get a choice of food here. You can’t get this in the restaurants, where there are so many other things to see. You might need to wait for a long time though, because there are so many other options available to you.

Let’s move on to explore the other origins of ‘Malacca’ in the region.

I read an article somewhere a while ago about a garden that was grown with vegetables and herbs. It was such a stunning experience. I featured the vegetable garden in my blog. Over time, I got to know the gardener and learned that he was from China. I tried to ask him about the origins of the garden and he told me that they had grown the vegetables in his parents’ garden for over three years.

This was during the early 1970s. Are you maybe surprised to learn that one of the top ten favorite fruits in Malaysia is the mangoes? Yes, many people would guessed as such. Did you know that these mangoes are the most popular fruit in Asia? Yes, there are many countries where mango is a popular fruit, but did you know that there are more than fifty varieties of mangoes?

There are many other types of fruit around the world. Do you know what one of the most popular fruit is? I bet you didn’t know that one of the most popular fruit in the world is the custard apple. Did you know that custard apples are the hardest fruit in the world to crack? Yes, they are quite hard to crack and they take quite a lot of strength to crack. The custard apple is also known as the “ainer” of the English word “fruit”, which comes from the Latin fagus.

Mangoes are the most popular fruit in Asia and they are consumed in many ways. The Portuguese introduced the Portuguese apple and today, it is commonly called as a red apple. Mangoes are eaten like an apple to be more specific. around half an hour after they are harvested from the tree. As a rule, the fruit will not be rotten. The tree stores the nectar and the needle-like, yellow foreffer’s needle. The needle is particularly popular for making handicrafts and medicinal purposes. The fruit is also considered lucky in Chinese cultures, undergoes purification and is even believed to turn aging.

Okay, today we will talk about the most popular fruits, apples and strawberry. Apple is considered the blessings from the gods. It is actually a fruit that has been grown in the Mediterranean since ancient times. The ancient Romans and Greeks loved apples. The Mayans also knew something about planting great trees and growing edible apples. The modern apples are grown in New Zealand and Australia.

Apples come in many styles and sizes. You can choose the size of the apple According to the level of the fruit, the size would be different. That is why apples are considered vegetables and not fruit. They can be eaten with other foods or can be eaten only with great wines.

Great food for cooking and great wine are the great things about apples. They can be stored for a longer period of time. They can be preserved well. Even those once hard and dry apples can be made into delicious dishes when cooked with other foods and wines.

Don’t you ever wonder why strawberries remain popular even after Christmas?

close up photo of red strawberries