How To Choose The Best Bottled Water

Finding the best bottled water is largely a matter of personal taste. Some types are relatively flavorless, others are highly refreshing, and still others are loaded with minerals. You may need to try several brands to find your favorite, but to help you with your search, here are the basic classifications.

Purified water has been processed either by distilling it or cycling it through reverse osmosis. Other methods of purification can also be used. Distilled is usually the least flavorful and therefore the most common type for cooking or brewing coffee. Since all minerals are removed from distilled water, it is often the preferred type for use in steam irons and coffee makers.


Spring water is defined as water that is packaged at the source, which is supposed to be an underground spring that flows freely to the surface. This type of water is said to have a higher mineral content than any other type of bottled water.

Mineral water must also be bottled at its source. This is often more flavorful than purified water and also has a higher mineral content. Most mineral waters come from glaciers, and this is why many of them are also natural spring water.

Artesian water comes from an underground natural reservoir. It make surface in a spring, or may be obtained from an artesian well. It is sometimes categorized as surface water, although it is not the same as the Fahrenheit surface water that is often used for cooking or drinking.

The geologic formation of water is not the physical world of a planet. Water is a product of an interaction among the earth, the sun, and the ocean. Water is the universal solvent. Even as it falls to earth as rain it is liquid, and even as it rises it is a cloud.

Only with the introduction of ice only will a liquid be defined as ice. True spring water is defined as frozen water that has remained stationary while the earth rot. Even water frozen in solid form is not truly ice, only contains the elements of H2O.

Within each of these types of water there is a range of variation. The use of DistillerWhole-house Water Distillation is one of the most recent technologies that has produced synthetic drinking water that may be cleaner in some ways, but can also be more expensive in the long run.

Artesian Water has a minimum magnesium and potassium content, as well as a menu of electrolytes. This makes it a soft, flavorless drinking water that doesn’t have the delicate flavors of most other waters. It is perfect for cooking and boiling.

Whether you are searching for distilled water in a pinch or seeking the purest form of water, these are some of the best quality drinking waters on the market.

Good WaterOne of the best selling brands is named Good Water. They are marketed to be in the same price range as the popular distilled Riverstone® brand. In recent years,enseekton drinking waterhas been proposed to have healing properties and is encouraged to be consumed in large quantities.

Purified WaterSpecial offerings from Purified Water include everything from pitchers and bottles with colored labels to those products that have no labels at all. This category is vast. Most everything is bottled or wrapped in some sort of protective packaging, and then stored in cool, dry places. The steroids and chemicals that are inside of the bottles are removed prior to bottling. Purified water is typically not healthy, but may be useful for long term health.

Well Into the FutureThere is no doubt that the future will hold exciting changes in the way we approach our drinking water. People will be drinking more water, and paying more for it. People that are exposed to the pollution from the water they drink or use for cooking and cleaning purposes have higher health risks than others. Perhaps someday there will be a solution to the long running debate between chlorination, distillation, and reverse osmosis. We may never know, as long as we continue to live.

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