Make Your Own Food Fast

For most of us, saving time while in a hurry becomes a matter of necessity. And as such, the fast food industry has gained massive popularity in present day Australia. With many people living and working in urban areas, convenient eating is needed for urban homeless as well as rural roughies. You can make your food fast, but healthy, by using easy to make recipes that require fresh produce or little preparation.

You should use a minimum of meat and vegetables when cooking a meal for a group. If you are using a raw food diet, you will need to use more fresh vegetables and fruit as it will take time for your body to assimilate the vitamins and enzymes provided. Mixing ‘super’ foods with nutrient dense foods will fast your metabolism and will provide lots of energy. easiest way to save time and fuel is by roasting, steaming and stir frying.

man in chef suit

If you are buying meat keep in mind that babies are more sensitive to antibiotics so if you are buying meat ask that it is organic as it could be problematic. Caring for meat as well as other livestock can be a financial strain so it is important to buy meat organic and free range as these are treated better.

thighs are often the most tender parts of meats. Grills on electric, gas or charcoal should be pre-heated and seasoned. Coats and liners should be heated certain ways. You can also heat cakes and breads in the oven.

For sausages, the casing is often the most important part of the product. The casing should be elastic and have a good sweat. Also, the casing should be moist to the touch but grit free.

The ligaments and joints of the body are often a source of pain. So it is important to make sure that the meat products do not have damaged cartilage. The heads and tail should be well protected as well.

Fresh seafood is a super food that everyone should have in their diet. It is a good source of vitamins and minerals and low in fat and cholesterol. But since fresh fish is expensive, it should be consumed with a few inexpensive beers or cocktails. With this low fat and cholesterol rich food, you can ensure that you are getting all the essential nutrients and amino acids your body needs to operate at its peak all day.

Another food that is low in fat, yet has high protein is tofu. This is made from soybeans and is extracted by pressing. It comes firm textured and in a rich silky tofu texture. With this you can add a great variety of new flavors to your foods all week long without spending a lot of money.

But why the need to make super foods so often? Well, when you buy chicken, for example, you are going with a limited option. Most people have a limited amount of freezer space and will sacrifices flavor for a low fat equals low cost solution. You can help prevent this by making your own foods that buy at a reasonable price and don’t take up too much freezer space. My favorite is goldenberries. They cook up really fast and leave a great head of tasty, fresh, strawberry jam. Adding a couple of tablespoons to your muffin batter before you add your filling yields a light and delicious flavor.

It’s not necessary to buy all these products at once. Start building recipes as you need them. You can add a serving of each dish to your shopping list as you find out what you like best. You might find that you like the one that you have for sale the most. It’s likely that you’ll stick to that unless you change your whole shopping routine.

I’ve created a basic shopping list to start you off.

Saves timeNo need to run to the store to pick up ingredients every time you want to make a recipe. The benefit is that all you’ll need to do is have one evening stand-up dinner and you’ve got a couple of delicious meals.

Saves moneyNo more impulse buying. You know what the ingredients are and they are in season and available locally.

Saves energy Purchase local power-house fruits and vegetables. The little extra they give you is well worth it.

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