Onions – To Cry For

What would a onion do to you? Probably a lot, and especially when you’re in the bathroom. Here are some of the many reasons why onion makes a lot of toilets run smooth.

1. People don’t always go to the toilet.

sliced foods on plate

2. Think about it. We walk through life. We pick our nose, wipe our mouth, talk to the trees, eat our food, sleep and shower. Why do we never leave the kitchen? The bathroom is even more bizarre. We never go; never answer the door, and push the button for water! Why?

3. How many times do you think about using the toilet?

5. Make sure you flush before you leave the house!

6. Don’t you just hate it when people leave the toilet standing?

7. Has the man in the moon ever smelt something lovely while he was washing his toilet?

8. If I hear one more-“Why are you standing there? I thought someone was going to flush!”

9. Trying to flush your toilet leaves you with more clothes than you can fit in your wardrobe. This is usually a bad trend.

10. Fucking kit-bags.

Being clean is pretty easy to achieve. The above 10 reasons on how to clean toilet can be used as a guide. However, it’s also important to think about many more ways that you can keep your body healthy, beautiful and feel happy.

soak in cold water for 6-8 hours

This is a minimum, but it’s recommended that you drink enough water to feel thirsty every hour. Cooler temperatures can eliminate respiratory congestion, making it easier to catch a cold. It’s recommended that you catch your cold if you’re exercising, as well as if you’re in a hot place like a sauna or bath.

Take small steps

It’s tempting to jump into the shower and spend the first few minutes or the longest minutes you canasty. Rejuvenating the skin and improving the complexion is the top priority. Although as we know, skin care and cosmetics are the most important aspects of beauty, exercise is also important. The benefits of swimming and gyms far outweigh the challenges. If you can’t resist the temptation of lapping up those bubbles, give your body a break with some mild exercise.

Think fast food

There is a certain appeal of eating at fast food restaurants. The food is cheap, and it arrives fast. What’s not to like? If you don’t care about health and weight, don’t hesitate to give them a try. However, don’t make the mistake of removing the pudgy skin around the burger and giving it a try. This, too, is a very dangerous move. If the meat is kept in the refrigerator, it will lose valuable vitamins and nutrients.

Get up earlier

It’s not uncommon for people to set their alarm clocks and be up earlier than their bed time. Who wants to go to bed when you have viable alternatives to putting your body in a starvation mode? We often have cravings for high carbohydrate food during the day as well as low carbohydrate food. Part of the reason for this is that our bodies store up fat as muscle for tomorrow’s meals. Most detox diets work because they provide ‘proof’ that our body needs larger quantities of protein and carbs.

Don’t fall into the low carbohydrate diet

Not all diets are low carbohydrate. In fact, they are highly individualized. The ‘two fasts’ diets are popular because they’re very fast. You can go on one for days or you can go on a low carb diet for months. The only real low carb diet is one that is deep enough to remove gluten from your diet. Good websites will explain the various carbohydrates available on a meal basis.

Keep your cholesterol in check

Cholesterol is a lipid, which is basically made up of fatty acids. It is found in animal products including eggs, dairy and pulses. This is a problem because intensive farming uses growth hormones and antibiotics to increase the quantity of animals. These hormones lower cholesterol levels in the body. The extreme quantity of antibiotics used in animal farming is one of the factors that contribute to a higher incidence of heart disease and cancer in humans. Consequently, people must be careful about how they choose their meals one day a week.

Although this is somewhat taboo among health-conscious individuals, there are many negative effects of refined carbohydrates on the body. For instance, they increase the availability of saturated fats, which are known to raise bad cholesterol. They also decrease the production of essential fatty acids, which are known to lower bad cholesterol. Additionally, refined carbohydrates decrease the HDL cholesterol, which is known to protect the body against cardiovascular attacks.

dried brown seeds