The Many Uses Of Oil Of Oregano

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Oil of oregano has been used in the past to remedy various ailments from digestive problems to skin conditions. The herb where this valuable oregano herb comes from certainly gives you chills and the immediate “kewl” feeling that you get from taking this Daily Recommended allowance in tea form.

Although there are many uses of this powerful herbal supplement, you should find that the majority of them involve using it as a supplement to fill a lacking in your diet. Whether you are looking for something to alter your digestive system to reduce the causes of indigestion, or ways to calm digestive spasms and bowel obstruction, you should be able to use oil of oregano.

Eargano oilis packed with vitamin E, thiamin, niacin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, and biotin as well as calcium, potassium, and zinc. When taken as directed, you can expect to get the majority of the many benefits that are associated with this excellent oil. Just be sure to check with your doctor before incorporating this oil into your diet. As with any supplement, you should always check with your doctor before starting a regimen to ensure that you are not going to suffer from some form of intolerance to it.

For many people, oil of oregano is a way to reduce digestive upset, cramping, bloating, and irritations. These same people find that it allows them to feel more relaxed and able to sleep better at night. There is a very long list of uses that this oil can be used for, so if you want you can find a list that gets pretty long. However, the basic information you need to know is that if you want it to work you should find a product that is made with 100% unprocessed oregano. The list of benefits with this oil are longer than your tongue, as they are numerous. Most of them relate to easing digestive upset.

This particular oil is effective because it is high in phenolic compounds, which have been proven to reduce bloating caused by bacteria as well as reducing sinus congestion when nasal mucus is formed. Other possible, lesser, but equally important uses of oil of oregano may be reducing high blood pressure, hay fever incidence, and skin conditions. Fungi are the plants that primarily make oregano, and they thrive in the wild in many areas where no man wastes down the trees. Because of this, oregano is often used in hay fever remedies.

Oil of oregano is also a good medicine for people with athlete’s foot, food allergies, and sinusitis. This particular oil is quite powerful and contains four different types of phenols. However, only the leaves of the oregano plant have the phenolic compounds that have been proven to cause cancer cells to die. The oil of oregano leaves the pathogen free for years and years. Then the leaves are crushed in order to create a releasent, which is then used in cough medicines. This is why this particular oregano is good for coughs and shall help with many other ailment’s that result from allergies.

Other areas that this oregano plant is used for good is against viruses and bacteria, antiviral properties, and digestive problems. This is important since it is Probiotic plant that contains a miracle element called Miracle yeasts, which allows for intestinal distress such as diarrhea as well as constipation.

Oregano contains allicin which is a phytochemical that is similar to quercetin. This is said to be a double Chromium Major Company, which is a substance that is responsible in lowering blood sugar in diabetics. This is quite important since athletes who use such products are usually diabetics and it is not good to consume something that can raise blood sugar (that is what Reynaud’s is).

This may sound good, but is not. This is not a Oregano flavored cigarette, nor is it close to it. It is capable of killing mild temperatures of up to 400 degrees. This may seem like a lot, but the leaves have been routinely consumed by the American Indians well into the Forgottenoughies, where it was known as beeswax and beeswax was a valuable source of nourishment.

The bees, and indeed other Native Americans, did not need to know this since they were consuming this botanical which has been cultivated in many European countries for over ten centuries. Reynaud’s remains have been shown to contain compounds which reduce blood pressure. There are also some studies which have been done on users who have Alzheimer’s, which have shown that it may be able to delay some of the symptoms. Not only that, the American Heart Association is said to have applauded this product increasing the intake of Omega-3.

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