Types Of Chinese Food

You may not have had the opportunity to visit China before, and if you have not been lucky enough to travel there, you may only have eaten Chinese food prepared in a ward of a Chinese restaurant. You have eaten your share of Chinese delicacies, but you don’t know the difference between some of the dishes on the menu. We can help you familiarize yourself with some of the most important words and phrases you may have never used before. These will be the ones that will help you appreciate the delicacies we are so familiar with.

The first group of items on the menu is called the teasers. Teasers are easy to understand. They are short (three to four lines) and tend to have a milder flavor. They are also the most common type of dish that is ordered when someone orders soup, however, you may not order them as often as you would have someone else do the dishes. Also, you may not have ordered any of the dishes that are part of the main course.

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The next group of items is called the main course. The main course is generally a bit larger than the teasers and also served on a buffet table. The group of dishes and courses served here are also a bit different from those previous. The largest item a person may see is probably the soup. The soup is ordered along with the main course and is one of the company’s, if not the main course. This is one of the restaurant’s most well known dishes and is always a favorite. Many people also make this as their evening meal of choice.

The next course is the rice. The rice that is ordered here will be cooked and usually served in the soup. The difference between the two is that the latter is served on a bed of rice while the former is served on a platter. Also, the rice is in a bowl and not a bowl and stem. The correct name for this dish in Chinese is ‘hálì rice’. If you are interested in the Chinese names of English dishes, you may want to pay a visit to Chinatown; you may find that a lot of dishes are called ‘ Cantonese dishes’, even though they originated within the walls of London. For this reason, the names of English dishes may not be known to the outside world.

The third course is the meat. The general rule for this part of the meal is that meat should be eaten sparingly. However, there are dishes that are considered heavier and meat is usually served with a dish accompanying it. These are called ‘Liu shao’ or ‘Bean Rice dishes’. The name of this dish is in fact very similar to that of another American dish – Fat Rice.

The fourth and final course is vegetables or mushrooms. The general rule for this part of the meal is that vegetables should not be cooked too much, and that they should not be cooked any differently than other vegetables. Besides, green vegetables should not be overcooked either. However, there are some dishes that are considered exception.

Noodles are very popular and are generally served in most meals. Also, this is a dish which is found in almost all Chinese menus. A popular form of noodles is dumplings, which come both in steamed and fried forms. Noodles are used in almost all dishes, but are also eaten by themselves with some soy sauce or vinegar.

The last course is the dumpling roast. This is a form of roasted noodles that is traditionally eaten on Gatherings and functions, or can be made on any occasion. When people are tired, or do not feel like cooking, dumplings are the perfect choice. This is a delicious noodle that is high in protein and nutrient value, but low in calories. It is considered a great anti-oxidant.

This is a short list of the most common dishes in Chinese Cuisine. Many others are included in this list, but read the list any time you are searching for something good to try. It is a good idea to try something new, and this list should provide several new treats and favorites. Happy Dinning!

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