6 Reasons Your Last Diet Failure Was Not Good News

Sometimes you just can’t lose weight.

You follow your best diet every single day for two weeks and the pounds still don’t come off. Then, the scale tells you that you haven’t lost anything, so you must follow your plan exactly and nothing will happen.

grilled corncobs

But what if you could have enjoyed the weight loss all along and thousands of people have had the same results? Would you have followed through even if your friend had wacked you off the couch?

You go home and figure that it probably wouldn’t be you, it was really your friend’s fault. You weren’t aggressive enough or you didn’t have a support system with someone to help you out. You just kind of wandered around aimlessly and when you were distracted you ate some potato chips and some dip and maybe drank a diet coke.

You weren’t going to starve, so you didn’t lose weight, but you didn’t gain any either.

Then you kept following your plan, perfecting it each week, losing a few pounds but then comes the day that you are going to eat pizza and wings. oh, the pain!

You hate the feeling of failure, and you get embarrassed that you let down your friend. You cry and beat yourself up because you know that you are a failure if you eat pizza and wings twice a week.

Then comes the next failure. And the next week and the next week. And the next…

You finally decide that you are going to take a vacation. You tell your family and don’t sound too sad about it, you are going away for a few weeks, you really have no life right now.

Two weeks in, you start to feel bad again, you feel low on energy, you are starting to think maybe it is time to change things, maybe it is time to eat a lot more pizza and wings. You get some energy and start to feel a bit better, until the next time you think you should be sick, or maybe you shouldn’t eat that pizza or wings.

This goes on week after week. You get used to the holidays, you start to do better, feel a bit better, and then make it through to the new year. But a few weeks in you start to feel down again, and you might not even make it through the holiday dinner before you have asnooze.

Does this sound familiar?Does this sound familiar to you?

This is what is considered a yo-yo diet. If you have a conundrum and you can’t figure out what to do about it – weight gain, poor concentration, moodiness, irritability, weight gain. etc. – then think about your diet the same way.

You know you didn’t gain weight because you didn’t eat the extra food you were supposed to eat, you know you didn’t gain weight because you can’t function on less than a certain amount of calories a day, and you know that you will start to feel bad once you start feeding on Halloween for instance, so why do it any other time?

If you are constantly struggling and beating yourself up for food decisions you know you shouldn’t make, then what is your relationship with food?

In fact, I recommend that all of my clients take a cooking class together to learn how to plan, shop, and prepare meals at home.

How long does it take to plan and cook a meal? How long do you think it would take you to learn how to cook if you had a personal chef in your life?

It takes me 15 minutes to plan a meal plan and then it takes my clients 10 minutes to execute my plan.

And here is what else you do with your life. You learn how to prioritize your health, your health, your fitness, your fitness and so on. Then you get aarella cheese grill for springform or a delicious tuna fish salad at dinnertime.

Life is busy. What I am trying to say is that you must learn to slows down in all areas of your life in order to make time for yourself, your health, and your fitness.

Does this mean you need more sleep? That may be a good thing depending on where you are coming from, but let me try to explain a few things to you.

Sleep is essential to your fitness. If you sleep for 7 hours you are letting your body down. If you are getting 8 hours of sleep you are letting your body down. Sleep is also essential for muscle repair. You can not repair muscle without getting good, restful sleep.

Why would you let yourRecentlyffeego sourinstead of having a nice cup of hot cocoa? I am sure a lot of you answer, “To get more rest!”

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