Eat Your Cereal, Please!

We’ve all heard it: cereal is good for you. It helps you “grown-up” and finally gives you “oomph” as you fill that breakfast plate. True, some of us probably need breakfast at some point during the day, but try thinking about that last statement.

What if anything does that statement mean? More importantly, what if it could be boiled down to “no more cereal at 6lb. of weight”?

assorted spices on clear glass cup

If that’s the case, why have we been sold this idea for years?

I think it’s one of those things that sounds pretty good at first when you’re faced with the shrieking impossibility of your every youthfully occurring metabolism-bound body (metabolism being that of increases your resting metabolism-which may be close to 85% (Gile, 2013)), but when looked at more closely, it appears the statement is less than accurate.

Gathering a group of testifiers who have been selling this breakfast myth for years, I have been told by my older relative to try to downsize our portions down to breakfast size. To consider that, just imagine how many calories we’re saving by downizing, right?

Or how many meals would we be eating for the week if we took off that one relatively epic weekend brunch?

Look at it this way:

What percentage of our families’ groceries would we be spending on junk foods for one year?

Peal snacks?

Salad snacks?

Croissant coffee noseries?

Pizza parlors?

Nachos from the mall?

Chocolate candy bars from the mall?

What would it be like to not spend a single calorie on any of these foods?

I know. Hard boiled number. Physically and mentally exhausted at times can’t fight the urge.

That’s why the Prasouda Diet is a way of life, not a diet. For people who find themselves always feeling tired and sluggish and not able to readily adapt to physical or mental demands, this diet could be a godsend.

Is it a diet, then?

If you ask for definition, it will probably say, “a regimen of eating and drinking sparingly so as to usually result in weight loss”, but the common usage of the term is “only when you’re feeling good, so as to look good for the summer holiday season”.

With the somewhat lazy lifestyles and busy schedules that most of us have nowadays, a diet may not sound very appealing, but consider this, before you start any kind of diet, consider this and ask yourself, would you rather have a rich, fulfilling and enjoyable lifestyle, or would you rather have the sensation of being tired the entire time and being able to barely get out of bed in the morning?

What can I Eat?

If asked will you eat enough for two people, or even just one? For the first part of the above answer, you’re not alone. Most Americans have a problem with the amount of food that is entering our body, whether it’s too much or not enough. There are a myriad of reasons why one would want to ask oneself that question.

But to go one step further, have you ever considered that you will, in reality, be eating less than you really need to, because you are eating foods that are not good for you? Unhealthy food is still food, and there are many healthy foods that lookada bit of unpalatable indian food?

Meat is not bad for you either, as long as you eat meat light and is usually prepared in ways that are less damaging to the health of your body, like having your meats grilled or boiled instead of fried.

What you will find when you try the Prasouda Diet is a menu that looks something like this:

Breakfast (all you can eat for one day):

Snack: handful of dried fruits, a cup of blue berries, and a banana.

Lunch (leftovers from yesterday):

Snack: thermos of undiluted Cranberry Sauce (recipe here)

Dinner (iflower, carrots, beans, etc):

Snack: handful of mixed nuts

Last Night snack (some fruit or a home made soda):

Snack: handful of mixed nuts

Note: These snacks are personal to each individual. Everyone has to be balanced.

Also, try to go by the recipes here (or get other sources of recipes for that matter), because otherwise you will just be wasting your time and energy if you don’t implement some of the ideas.

Now that we have listed the basic menu, we will breakdown the benefits of the Prasouda Diet, the key points for each category, included the recipe for the Prasouda Diet itself.

banana beside gray bowl