The Fish We Cook, Tuna

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The albacore tuna is the choicest of the four kinds of tuna. Its flesh is light in color and mild flavor is the reason it has been given the name “chicken of the sea”, and like other tuna it is a very important fish for the fishmeal trade. It is also one of the larger tuna fish, reaching Thirty-five to forty-five feet in length. It is a very important fish in both sport and commercial fishing. The black colored tuna is better tasting than the other varieties of tuna. In the arctic the arctic tuna is very important fish, but is known to be getting rarer due to over fishing. Its meat is light in color and mild flavor is the reason it has been given the name “chicken of the sea”, and like other tuna it is a very important fish for the fishmeal trade. It is known to be twice as meaty as readily available tuna. The Mahi-Mahi, like other tuna, has a very difficult time being caught. Over fishing has increased the fish population, and now wild arctic tuna can be found in only two places, Bavaria and Norway. The arctic tuna is important both for sport and commercial fishing. The big, well respected tuna fishing boats are able to have a diet of almost any kind of fish, using scoops of cod, flounder, pollock, etc. They are well worth the price.

180 pound White TunaServes 6 to 12 Diet Ratio 1:3

This table is designed to give the consumer an idea of the basic needs that are required for a healthy life. The six groups are protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. In order to be considered balanced the diet should have approximately 15 percent fat and 55 percent of carbohydrates. A balanced diet is required so that all the groups are met.

Protein:required 11. Ellis foul-tasting fish, they are well known for their mercury levels. require little energy, until they are cooked. Protein is available in other fish such as haddock, cod, tuna, etc. also from the diet of sea creatures, such as crabs, and smaller fish.

Energy:required 15-25 percent of the foods we consume, we could say that protein, fat, carbohydrates and vitamins are important energy boosters.

Fat:erno – tissue is an important source of fat, especially if organic. Canned fish and other fish products should be packed with as little hydrogenated fat as possible. Their is enough fat in our diets for us to be healthy, but if we are too much of it, we at risk for heart disease.

Carbohydrates:required 70-100 percent from cereal, bread and pasta, refined starches and sugars.

Vitamins and minerals:

Some vitamins are required for human health, others to maintain the body fields, and still others to boost the brain functions.

Vitamin A and Vitamin D are major vitamins, Vitamin A is needed for eyes and eyesight, Vitamin D promotes calcium and phosphorus absorption, and makes red blood cells.

Follergy – Bacteria, of course, are the baddies. They cause allergies and can cause life threatening problems. Vitamin C is needed for the production of antibodies and plays an important role in how our bodies immune system functions.

Nutrients – we need a wide variety of nutrients for good health. Goiter, an over abundance of bowel movement, helps to regulate our nutrient intake. Anchovies and sardines are a source of omega-3 fatty acids. Fish oil is needed for the development of cells and an adequate amount of omega-3 fats in our body tissue is necessary for optimal health.

How to fuel your body with fish oil

The best fuel for your body is pure fish oil. Abundant fish only provides you with essential fatty acids known as omega-3s. Fish oil is rapidly absorbed by your body and quickly converted to the energy you need. The best sources of these are oily fish, mackerel, salmon, herring and tuna.

But more importantly than you might think less than 30 percent of your diet should come from meat and 80 percent from vegetables and fruits. This is where the meat factor comes in.

Healthier Meals and Weight Loss

Fish oil can help your body generate insulin and your metabolism increase. This can reduce the risk of diabetes and can improve your immune system. Another plus of fish oil use is that it favors the repair of muscles and tissues, thus increasing strength and endurance.

Less Than You Think

Do not be fooled by the Eggs and dairy products you find in the grocery store shelves.

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