Food Additives, What They Are And Why They Are Used

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For centuries, people have added preservatives to make food last longer. The most common food preservatives are:

1. Sodium Benzoate

This is a colorless, odorless gas that is used to kill bacteria and is essential in the cleaning process for meats. However, it is known to contribute to the formation of compounds called benzoates, which can cause headaches, respiratory problems, and other adverse symptoms. Scientific research has shown that a diet rich in benzoates can lead to aquetonadies, a chronic cough, and other respiratory diseases. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) current approves the use of sodium benzoate as a food additive, though the practice is under review. Benzoates are also draft IIPA, an adulterated food substance.

2. Benzoic Acid

This is an acid that is typically derived from vegetable sources, such as common salt. The usual concentration levels of benzoic acid in food products are low enough to be generally safe. Whether or not this acid is carcinogenic has still been the subject of much debate. Kernels that have been exposed to high doses of benzoic acid have developed kernels that are possibly contaminated with salmonella, therefore, at home, you should be cautious about food with this acid and take the necessary steps to protect yourself and your family.

3. Antheliosporine

This chemical is used to repair damage to the lining of the gut. It is an active ingredient in several products that are used to prevent dogs from contracting hip and other collagen-related diseases. These include antler velvet supplements, Nova Scotia dog foods, and the lifesaver for dogs. In addition to preventing disease, an antheliosporine diet can also help wounds heal faster.

4. Azorubine

This is another compound that occurs naturally in food, and it is recommended for people with high cholesterol to eat food that contains Azorubine. The aim of the diet is to promote the growth of ‘good’ cholesterol in the body, and to decrease the levels of ‘bad’ cholesterol. However, it can also decrease the levels of triglycerides and increase HDL cholesterol, so it is also a good diet for heart health.

5. Broccoli

This is one of the most popular ingredients used in organic food. Apart from possibly reducing the risk of cancer, it can also improve several health conditions such as eye sight, arthritis treatment, and cancer treatment. It is also a perfect diet for fresh fruit and vegetables, and it is a good source of vitamin C.

6. Whole grains

Whole grains are great for numerous reasons. They contain more nutrients, and release nutrients to your body faster than any other food. What is more, whole grains are also very rich in antioxidants, which is the key to slowing down the aging process.

7. Fish

Fish is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which are more powerful than Omega-2 fatty acids. Fish is also easy to incorporate into your diet, as it can be prepared in many ways. You can add fish to baked potatoes, pizza, meals, and many other meals. Unlike meat, fish is low in saturated fats and cholesterol, so it make for a healthy diet.

8. Olive oil

Olive oil is a very healthy fat that is produced by the olive fruit. This is the liquid gold that is used for cooking, and can also be consumed as a salad oil. It is a good source of the vitamin E family, and is a great alternative to butter.

9. legumes

Legumes are great for low calorie cooking. They are popular because they lead you to produce short chain fatty acids, which accelerate the assimilation of other fats in the body.urdy well balanced diet. The most popular would be chickpeas, which are hygienically grown and hand picked.

10. Comes from the cabbage family

Cabbage is the most popular food vegetable. And as such, it makes the list of the top ten foods that should be eaten regularly. Like many other vegetables, cabbage can be eaten raw, boiled, steamed, or mixed with other foods. It is also great for stir-frying and sauteing.

So which one is number ten? You can have both! incorporating at least one meat with several different vegetables can really keep you healthy. Even though many people are of the opinion that vegetarian meals are not very healthy, this is not the case. merely eating vegetables can be healthy as long as you know what types of foods to eat and the amount of servings.

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