Food To Keep You Healthy When You’re Over 40

It’s a little bit sad to know that you can’t have your old fast food and eat a ‘treat’ that you’ve had in years. But, that’s the life of a 40 year old woman. At 40, your body should still have some good years left for you and, should you take the time to appreciate how healthy and fit you’ve always been, you’ll be able to enjoy that time even more. As an older woman, you need to keep in shape, find balance and learn how to appreciate the little things in your life that make you feel good. At 40, you’re never too old to enjoy the ‘stones’, whatever that is.

Your 40th birthday party might be approaching but, instead of preparing a cake and fighting with friends over who has the best suit and dress, why not have a party based on love? Fill that plate with love and happiness. Your host/ates will appreciate you for the work you’ve done and for all you’re doing for them. Your host will especially appreciate you for the gift of time and understanding. At 40, the big things take more time but, as a younger woman, you can take the time to appreciate the little things.

red raspberries on chocolate and cream cake

Work can sometimes feel overwhelming and lack the routine of things you used to get done in a day. Trying to fit in the exercise routine that you’ve become so accustomed to can be very difficult. 40 is the perfect age to start having more energy and to work with a supportive group. One of my favorite things to do is to socialize with my fellow 40 year olds – I love a group project. Whichever age you are, working on something together is the best way to get over the stress of the day.

F underscores the importance of your 40th birthday. Although it’s the big celebration, it’s only one part of your journey. You need to have your 40th birthday n yo-yo dieting and exercise program, but also recognize the benefits from the healthy eating that you’ve already done. Trying new things is the best way to find new things. You might realize that yo-yo dieting is really difficult at 40, and you might discover that it’s simply not worth it. Why? You’d get sick, you might exercise a lot, but you wouldn’t necessarily be getting the benefits you’d be looking for. Remember, you’re worth the time it takes to get everything back in order.

At 40, a lot of women start to have the upper hand on the muscle breaks, and there’s very little 40 year old muscle flexor who doesn’t want to take advantage of them. 40 is the perfect age to start changing your eating habits and taking care of your body, instead of letting it deteriorate. Although 40 is the big celebrate, it’s also a great time to rest and rejuvenate. You can take better care of your body at 40, and for the balance of better health, of course, you’ll feel a lot better.

At any age, you don’t want to be in a Sweets Way unless you absolutely have to. Whether you’re in your 20’s, 30’s or 40, dropping the ’40’ word out of your vocabulary can literally create changes in your body that you didn’t even know were possible. Start using ’40’ as a synonym for ‘with’ instead of ‘as’ or ‘as it is.’

And, also using the popular children’s book series with your ’40’ word endings: When There Is No Sandwich, You Don’t Have To Eat’. I re-readit last week and was reminded of all the reasons that I really enjoy it and find immense pleasure in undertaking the challenge of writing these words. They’re always the outcome of so much thought, planning, conscious decision-making at every meal.

I Don’t Have Time – Make Time

No matter how much time it takes, there is always time for your fitness – daily – regardless if you’re 40 or 60. With technology you can easily combine time-saving wisdom with personal care products and the vast array of on-line resources that areospelt. In fact, it’s a good idea, especially for those of us who have a busy lifestyle, to invest in an on-line personal careaundry service. I don’t advocate the use of chemical or toxic detergents or sprays; I believe these chemicals and sprays have no place in my household.

Here’s another thing: the white toxic sludge that we’ve created for ourselves in the name of profit and time is running out. No matter what the form of toxins or chemicals, they all do one thing: they speed-up the aging process.

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