Healthy Eating Habits Is About Making The Right Choices

Become author and contributor of this article. Favorite quote: “Not every problem comes from merely failing to plan, but from failing to plan and stick to the plan” (from interviewed by Ericflat). We can fix our mixed approach to healthy eating by knowing the basic ingredients of a balanced diet. For simplicities, let’s divide foods into four categories, being more specific when necessary.

Fruits (FT1.5)

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Cereals (FT1.5)

Breads (FT1.5)

Proteins (FT1.5)

Milk and Dairy (FT1.0)

Meat and Protein (FT1.5)

fats and oil (FT1.0)

Other fats and oils (FT1.5)

Always eat at least one fruit per day followed by two portions of typical vegetables and one portion each of bread and cereals to get enough carbohydrates. clichĂ© Laboratories test no. 1 and no. 4 are utilized to estimate energy expenditure fromawedrition intake. You will discover in the cafĂ© that some average amount of carbohydrates are transformed as energy. “On the average”, one person may have an energy expenditure of 0.5 kilo calories per hour, another may have an average of 1.0 kilo calories per hour or a high metabolism which leads to an increase of 0.3 kilo calories per hour.

The important thing is that how much or how little energy you will get. In case of a poor meal quality or quantity, the question “Did you have enough of what you needed?” may not be answered honestly, the response might be: I don’t know man, I really don’t know. What matters is that a meal has been properly balanced.

A meal, with simple carbohydrate only, early in the morning.Mid morning snackFruitsMid afternoon snackProteinsWholegrain BreadsOatmealFruit juicesVegetablesPeasFruitsNutsFats and Oils Hazelnuts (not all nuts are suitable the following are a few: Almond, Macadamia, Pine, Hazelnut, Cashew, Pumpkin, Sauce, Feta Cheese)And many more…

If one follows the above guidelines it is necessary to take the vital “First Food” every day and the mid morning snack. To make it more nutritious, ensure that the first food is a fresh fruit of your choice.Secondly, every meal and snack should contain a protein. The best protein are: Chicken, Fish and Vegies.If you are a Vegetarians comfortably fit then there are many natural foods which are good protein, such as tofu, tempeh, and nuts. Nuts and Vegetables especially the leafy green variety are great for you.

So when you decide to adopt healthy eating habits make sure to stock your kitchen with healthy foods as well as telling yourself that you will make the healthier choice. Here is to a healthy and happier life.

“One small step at a time”

As always, when you are doing something you are getting a little carried away and tempted to go a bit overboard. Save yourself the distress and just do the whole thing. I assure you that if you carry on down this path you will soon find the right balance between a varied and nutritious diet and regular exercise. Healthy Eating is Constantly Changing. Stay committed to Fitness and healthy living.

Your wishing to change?

Incorporate the above ideas to your everyday eating and exercise.

For example at the end of the week shop for the food and items that you will need for the next days lunches and lunches right away.

Not only will you feel better but you will also save money, because you will not be tempted to impulse buy unnecessary items.

Your willing to make a commitment to fitness and healthy living?

Now, here is a challenge. For the next three months make sure you won’t see a piece of food or drink associated with Alcohol, Soda, High Fat, or Sugar, or drink caffeinated or sugary drinks. For 3 months give yourself permission to forget what you used to drink, including sodas and sludies.

You will be amazed at how you feel when you are no longer an addict. Cravings will diminish, you will feel light, Happy and fulfilled, as if you had been a “sugar platter” all your life.

Now, ask yourself this question. Do you really want to continue to live your life as you have always lived it?

If the answer is yes, than change you should consider making a change. Else decline the challenge and say nothing. Ask somebody for opinion or motivate or help to change.

Your eating habits will have to change.

Your sugar habits, and your fast food habits will have to change.

Your dress and personal appearance will have to change.

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