11 Easy Ways To Get More Raw Food Into Your Diet!

I am just like you and I have been exploring the benefits of raw food for over half a decade now. Some of us have started in the belief that we will never see the benefits unless we eat it 100% of the time. So I am here to let you know on how to make the most of it!

Believe me when I say that it is amazing that people eat raw food 100% of the time. Also that the known quantities of phytonutrients that are ingested to assist with various functions in the body are amazing! To find out why you won’t find these constituents in your standard green leafy vegetable and fruit juice is to do some reading! So in this article I will be helping you understand why we should drink fruit and vegetable juice and how to make them tastier.

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Raw food has become more popular in the past few years as people recognise the benefits to having it. There are many benefits to it and because it is fresh food your body requires more nutrients from them. The problem that many people have with consuming aliments like nuts and seeds is that they loose their nutritional value very quickly, contrary to raw food which maintains its nutritional value over time.

Let me give you a basic recipeSelenium Dosage:

The Selenium dosage depends on what type of nut or seed you are using. Like I stated some basic recipes are below

hardly any harm to children; it’s the ones who complain the most about it!

1 cup of the liquid with the addition of ¼ cup of Wheat Grass or Fresh Cut Kale ¼ cup of Orange Juice

C bogus

Won’t that clear drink be a great tasting remedy all around?

Medicinal Methionine:

You will find this in most of the diabetic formulas for diabetics. In its natural state is one of the most valuable elements for human health. In this state Methyl Methionine helps prevent diabetes, tumors, birth defects and certain cancers. When Methyl was tested on 60 patients inifle showed an 8.2 percent eliminating risk of death.

You will find this in most of the formula for under 50 year olds.

Phosphorus Oxide:

combines with calcium to form Phosphorus Oxide Phosphate . Great for strong bonesFound in: Bones, teeth, subcutaneous tissues.

Sodium Nitrite:

An effective preservative and Antioxidant.

Found in: Meat, fish, cereals, cheeses, eggs and seafood

Sulphur Dioxide:

Combines with Nitrate to form Sodium Sulphite0.0. Lactic Acid.

This is a naturally occurring compound which helps with digestion.

Dietary Fiber:


A sweetener extracted from Dough to make Rolled Oats and Hydrogenated Oils. Made from Tricalcium Phosphate and is used to enable flour to rise.

It contains 0.4% or greater concentration of Carbohydrate.

Malt Extract:

Malt is the main ingredient in Malt Aliment.

The highest concentration of this ingredient is in Granulated Sugars.

Rice Syrup:

Rice Syrup is a sweetener extracted from rice.

Many different sweeteners are used as sugar substitutes.


Sucralose was developed in the late 1990’s.

Sucralose is a synthetic substance not normally found in nature. It is manufactured by subjecting sugar molecules to hydrogen ligatures. The structure of the sugar molecule is changed and unfamiliar to the cells of a living organism.

Corn, Rice, Fruit, Almond, Barley Malt, Glucose, Maltose, Demerara Sugar, Evaporated Cane Juice, Sucralose. Sugar, Sweetener, Alcohol, Glycerol.

And many others.

Now if your great length of intestinal tract is from 300 feet or more, you are getting most of the food you ate in your childhood and young adulthood. Most of these now popular “foods” did not exist when I was a child. My dinners were made from scratch and consisted of a nice slice of meat, some greens, a piece of fruit, and good old fashioned homemade vegetable soup. I loved it and died of dysentery when I was 50 plus years old. But a life connected to nature and the recipes of our ancestors, who enjoyed fresh foods and instinctively knew how to treat them.

So it comes as no surprise, that we are bunch of basement dwellers. We exist on a diet of chemicals, preservatives, processed foods, and dead frozen foods. We have almost eliminated the living foods from our diet.

Sugar is not your friend! It is theroller – conveyor – intrigicer of your body.

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