The Nutrition And Health-Care Effects Of Four Different Kinds Of Beans

As you know, beans are beneficial to human health. If people eat a lot of beans now, it can make them away from the troubles of some chronic diseases. The following passage will introduce four types of beans, the first two being the most common beans in our daily diet.

First, red-black bean: Chinese people always like to cook red-black bean with rice wine sauce to aggravate the taste of beans. However, red-black bean contains a large number of protein, fat, phosphorus, calcium, vitamin E, vitamin B2 and nicotinic acid which can adjust the functions of insulin for diabetic people. The rhythm of storing carbohydrate in blood vessels by inhibiting the formation of atherosclerosis plaques can be slowed down and the blood sugar level gradually decreased. The mineral substances like calcium, phosphorus and iron are all contained in the dried beans of this bean. At the same time, the protein contained in beans are also difficult to be digested by human body. In addition, the excessive intake of protein can affect human health.

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Second, mung bean: Those who suffer from rheumatism and arthritis can absorb the nutrients of mung bean with the help of the substances likevitamin A, vitamin C and mineral substances. At the same time, the beans are rich in iron, carbohydrate, Vitamin A, niacin and soluble fiber, which can relax the bowels. Many Chinese people like to cook mung bean with red wine jelly, which can accelerate the digestion and absorption of nutrients by the body.

Third, soy bean: Eating soybeans regularly can decrease the level of estrogen in the female body. If the intake of soybean is too high, it may also bring various diseases to the female body, such as hormonal imbalance, diabetes and high blood pressure. What’s more, soybean is also called as ” female protein” because of its several kinds of nutrients, including isoflavino, calcium, iron and potassium. At the same time, the soybean is also low in fat, carbohydrates and sodium, while rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin B.

Fourth, kidney beans: those who are suffering from kidney disease often eat a lot of beans. It is necessary for them to take in foods like kidney beans and rice Bran to supplement protein and carbohydrate for their body. Besides, it is also helpful for the growth and development of your body.

Fifth, navy bean: those who lack of protein in diet, can get it from navy bean, which contains high content of vegetable protein, fat, carbohydrate, resort fiber, calcium and phosphorus. At the same time, navy bean is often rich in powerful anti-oxidants, which can inhibit the premature aging of cells and prevent the formation of tumor and metastasis. At the same time, it is also helpful to control the glucose level in our body, and reduce the obesity of your body.

Sixth, split peas: Split peas contain a lot of nutrition for your body. Besides, it is a good choice to include in your stir-fry nutrient. It contains a low level of sodium, and vitamin B2, vitamin C and vitamin E. split peas are also known as a good vegetable to be cooked with chicken.

Seventh, corn: Corn contains carbohydrate, about 15% to 18%. The starch is complex in nature, and it is not digested like simple carbohydrates. Moreover, the outer layer of the corn contains certain fiber and proteins too. The more you cook the corn, the more the anti-oxidants and flavor it will have.

Eighth, sweet potato: Sweet potato looks soft and easy to be digested by our body; it contains a lot of carbohydrates. Actually, the color of sweet potato is not red, but yellow. What’s more, sweet potatoes contain a lot of vitamin C.

Ninth, yogurt: There are a lot of beneficial substances in yogurt, which can prevent osteoporosis, diabetes, colon cancer, gastric ulcer and urinary tract infection. At the same time, yogurt is also said to promote the growth of brain and heart healthy.

Tenth, egg: Egg contains a high content ofolk, which is rich in protein and fat, and it is a good choice for your breakfast.

The above explained set of 10 healthiest foods to be taken regularly are not only beneficial to human health but also beneficial to the environment considering the numerous benefits provided by natural farming.

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