The Restaurant One

A story about food often involves hamburgers. That was just a normal day at the office for me. Through my years in the trade I have come across many great stories about food. One of the most incredible meals I ever ate with my entire family was when we went to visit my in laws – from southern Nebraska. My daughters and I had corn flakes, macaroni and cheese and fried us sirloin burgers. Absolutely amazing. But that was just the beginning.

We waddled out of there and back home and were happily surprised. In San Francisco we started receiving wonderful letters from San Francisco. They were from people who had heard about us and wanted to meet us. Many of these letters were from Latin America, many of which were about food.

plate of fruits


In 1981, we began to add new recipes, new sauces and fresh ingredients to the old favorites. We also expanded our repertoire of Spanish and Mexican foods. In addition to the international foods, we also added some local foods. These were done to please the local clientele, so we added such things as tortillas, beans, fried rice, caviar, lobster, chocolate, sopa, chorizo, etc., etc.

This sounds nuts, I know. But, the more we researched and did our uncovering, the more we felt ok about our decision to change so many things. Once we felt ok, we were more than happy to continue along this path.

Tuning-up the Restaurant

One of the first things we did was to fully explore the potential of restaurants. We visited some to get an idea of different management styles and menu offerings. We sat in caf├ęs and restaurants and chatted with the chef. We discussed food, health and our families. We left feeling good about our decision to make such a lifestyle change.

So, there we were – two grown men, no money, deep fried foods, no drive. We decided we needed to make some lifestyle changes. We needed to leave the house and take a job to support our families. We also needed to alter the way we support our families. Weaker families would need to support healthier ones.

Three and a half years later, we are now seeing positive results. We have healthier kids, and we have a happier, healthier home. We are warm, vibrant and full of energy. We takeout once or twice a week and save about $40-$50 each time we get together.

As I read today’s news, (http://www.eur, I see so many families like us are going “green” and using more and more green products. I just wish more people would join us. I know that’s a lot of work. But, it has started something out of nothing, and has seen positive results from a group of like minded people.

If you have an eco-friendly lifestyle, check out your local “wet” aisle. You’ll be amazed at the choices. You’ll even see products like dishwares made of recycled oil and grease that are dishwasher safe. Wow! Just think of the savings you could get by buying a few things through the greasy fryer, egg maker and griddler! You can even buy a few products that come in your cooking oil if you aren’t too worried about the environment and your health.

From my own experience, wide selection of food tends to corral a great deal of choices, and you’ll discover your cupboard is stuffed with happily-used meals that you didn’t know existed. That’s the best way to cut out the middle man. He makes the whole process very easy. And, you’ll feel really good about contributing when you know that your stimulating your own healthy living .

Just don’t forget those coupons, which can also be used for things you actually need in the kitchen. We are all aware of the programs for producing coupons online, and I stellarnly have not failed to recommend it. Never seen a cut-out coupon? On the internet, there are many websites that allow you to print out coupons for inclusion in your stamp book. To receive more information, visit my blogof coupons []

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