Exercises For Love Handles

Looking good and feel good is important to us all. An important part of looking good is getting rid of those unwanted love handles that make us look wide and slow. A personal trainer will help you with exercises that specifically target your abdominal area. There are two main reasons why trainers will be perfect for making your abdominal area look better. First, the shape of our abdominal muscles is quite unique and so we have to ensure that the exercise we do and the frequency we do it is most effective. While doing such exercises can be quite effective in making your abdominal area look good, it can’t guarantee to give you those head turning 6-pack abs. Second, even if your abdominal area does become thinner, there is still a possibility that it will remain unclean and therefore they will still remain muscle. If you want a muscle that you can see and really feel good about, getting rid of the belly fat is the only way.

To remove abdominal fat the following exercises are recommended.

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1. lying down

Stand and rest your elbows on the floor. Keep the knees straight as possible. Now bend your knees to your chest and keep the hips near to the ceiling. Slowly go back to a standing position and repeat. You may use weights as a measure for the exercise if you feel it is somewhat difficult to keep the position.

Another popular exercise for abdominal area is the twisting crunch. Lie down on the floor and keep your hands behind your head. Now using your abdominal muscles slowly lift your head and shoulder off the floor. Hold for a period of time as long as you can then slowly release back to the floor. Repeat this motion several times.

Lie down on the floor with knees raised and feet flat. Hold a couple of dumbbells in each hand behind your head. Slowly raise one arm and twist the opposite elbow at the same time. Remember to keep the arm facing forward and the elbow bent. Lower the dumbbells to the sides of your head then repeat on the other side. Repeat this procedure several times.

2. sit-ups and crunches

Again lay on the floor but this time your legs should be straight. Cross your hands over your chest and try to touch your toes. You may use a chair if this will help. Contract your abdominal muscles as much as possible during this exercise then slowly lower your buttocks to the ground. Don’t allow your buttocks to lift as much from the ground. This exercise will help you to burn the fat around your stomach muscles and hence the slimming effect will be apparent. Try not to use too much pressure when you are doing this exercise. Repeat the same movement on the other side of your body.

3. vertical leg crunches

These are quite easy and are normally done in the gym. All you have to do is lie on the floor and let your legs be straight. Now cross your hands over your chest. Over your left or right leg you have to cross your hands over your chest. Then slowly crunches your upper body starting from your chest. On the other side of your body perform crunches on the opposite side of your body. Repeat this entire procedure as many times as you can. You can make it harder by doing crunches in quick succession.

These are just a few exercises to lose love handles that you should also perform regularly to have a slimmer waist line. Another effective exercise is twisting crunches. This exercise will ensure effortless fat loss from your entire body including the abdominal area.

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