What Is Gluten?

Many people are not familiar with what gluten is and why it is not something that you want to have in your diet. Gluten is a protein and it is found in grains. With the increase of people buying organic and buying smaller servings, this has posed a problem for those companies. Have you seen the size of onion chips orasingredients in your bologna sandwich?

People benefit from gluten in their diet, but what it is and how it affects your health is very important to know. If you do not have the illness known as celiac disease, you are likely to be OK even if you don’t have this illness. However, if you do have celiac disease you should always have a doctor talk to determine if you may be experiencing any form of gluten sensitivity.

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What is Gluten?For those who do not know what gluten is it is a protein that is found in products such as wheat, rye, barley, and oats. When you eat foods that have gluten, your body will present you with a type of alertness that you are not sure if it is something you are allergic to. The problem occurs when there are other food proteins present for comparison, and the reactions occur at about the same time.

Symptoms of Gluten SensitivityA person with a gluten sensitivity symptoms will have digestive problems, noticeable weight loss, fatigue, and anemia for about the first six months of the illness, but after that it is usually silent.

This is the general diagnosis for those who find it hard to digest gluten, but there are specific tests that can be used to determine whether you have a gluten sensitivity.

Blood tests for Gluten

These are some of the many tests that can be performed to see if you are suffering from a gluten intolerance, but the problem is that many doctors do not have training in how to use these tests, and therefore some people end up getting a negative diagnosis just because their tests look runny.

For those that are suffering from digestive problems, the following are some of the tests that you can have to see if you have a gluten intolerance:

Cyrex Labs Array 3

Array 3 is one of the most detailed tests that will be able to diagnose the exact cause of any problem with a person’s digestion. It is not only helpful for Celiac patients, but people who suffer from many different digestive problems in general.

Cyrex Labs Array 4

Array 4 can also be used to diagnose many problems with the intestines and is a blood test that can be performed by many lab providers, although Cyrex makes the tests more accurate than others that are currently available.


CTs or Celiac Tissue Transglutaminase radioactivity is a very accurate test, although the rate of CTS activity varies depending on how complex the gluten is. The test only tests for gluten, but it can still identify other healthy proteins present in gliadin which can cause changes in the blood.


AlphaLaxative is a supplement that assists people with Celiac disease or gluten Intolerance to better tolerate lactose. It contains a mix of L-Leucyrrh Extract and L-Orjo Forskol Extract which are all approved by the FDA to be used as a non-medicated product to aid in digestive problems. The same product can be found athttp://www. destiny-health-supplements.com


StooloExercise is a home exercise program that is ideal for both your general health and your painful GI conditions. The program includes a number of exercises that are:

-Repeated all day

– variation of sprinting to increase intensity

– various abdominal exercises

– Low-impact, daily cardiovascular exercise

– twenty minutes of: sit ups, push ups, chest exercises, crunches, and leg workouts.

In addition to all the above, for between three and ten grams of L-Glutamine powder daily, as many people find that additional energy is gained better with higher doses. This needs to be done while taking antibiotics or when there is an infection (antibiotics will change the L-Glutamine into L-Isoflavones). So remember to read the packaging!

Dark Chocolate

Cocoa is the healthiest kind of chocolate and the most under-consumed. Dark chocolate is about sixty percent cocoa and risks having a handful (3 or less of course) every other day.

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