Bacarian Food – A Traditional Way Of Doing It

The bar is located in every corner of the city. underneath the big glossy windows, the bartender is dispensing millions and billions of fan favorites. But has the typical gastronomic experience been realized in the actual cuisine? Well, the renowned food critic likes it when I share with him my Nouvelle Cuisine experience. This is the first time that he has taken interest in my gastronomic explorations. After all, he is a gourmand and has many more teeth in his mouth.

The former Yes Men chef has turned his nose up to the AbFab kitchens. Why? “They are too sterile, they don’t flow.” “They ferment everything, even the pasta, the lobster is killing the eggs.” And so on. These are the vagaries of gastronomy. I have never understood these epithets. gastronomy is about food, it is not about cooking parties.

berry and nuts in clear glass bowl

The community of gourmet cooks and lovers is much like a large and ethnically diverse family. Within the family, there is respect for those who made it more than the average Italian kid does: it is not just about Supreme Court dinners or trips to the El Mirador.

I am aware that I am a woman, a nobody, an oddball. And yet I have a sharp tongue and a sharp mind. And through my strange and odd behavior, I am able to outmaneuver my more talented sisters. As is the case with most strange things, I have tried to involve other people in my gastronomic experiment. But they said, “Enough is enough.” I have been trying to involve my husband in this strange gastronomic excitation for quite a long time. Tonight is the first time he has taken interest in my experiment.

Actually, our relationship is quite old. Two friendly youngsters,ogeneous as generations, are victoriously stuffed with sweets and ended up with a bruise. But my version is the truth. We were not popular kids. My mother on the contrary tried to make us feel at home. She made us feel at ease. She made us feel that the world was our oyster.

The scariest moment in my culinary career was an evening when a butcher showed up at our house. He was a skilled fingernail scissors with a sharpened edge. “Look here,” she said, “there is a blood clot in your leg.” Disgusting, I commented. “It must be fresh,” she said. And she opened her big windows, leaving us with only the moon reflected in the mirror above the house. The next morning she showed up at our doorstep in her nightgown with her veil nearly falling off. We saw her kick the bucket out of the house, pan out the morning newspaper, sit on the porch and read. But she immediately signing out of the kitchen with the flashlight on her way to the Meeting room. Following her footsteps, she disappeared from sight.

We rushed to the meeting, eight of us, four of us accentuating the importance of organic agriculture, two of us representing farm groups. The issue was getting lost in translation. At one point during the discussion a farm family member mentioned that his daughter is learning to cook. And then… she showed up. And did a perfect imitation of my Martha Stewart nature is what I concluded after that moment. She is one tough mother.

But you surely cannot beat Carol’s ability to rock a lobster. I would have driven 1000 miles to be able to do it. After all… is there anyone who doesn’t love lobster? I do and so do you.

lobster has evolved over the course of thousands of years. At one point, before refrigeration, it was cooked by boiling. But then modern cooking methods and manufacturers have improved it. Today, it is cooked in a baking oven, or broiler, or grill, or you name it.

A lobster dinner sets the tone for the rest of the dinner. The decor, the food, the ambiance, it all contributes to create the perfect mood and setting for a wonderful dinner. You can be eating a well-balanced meal, enjoying a glass of wine, when all of a sudden it’s lobster night!Step aside, put the next lobster on the plate and let it be served. I guarantee it will become a family favorite that night.

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